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Today as never before, facility owners are facing increasing challenges due to shorter system development horizons, increased regulatory and environmental processes and the need to establish and maintain high system reliability while developing new transmission systems or refurbishing existing transmission systems. RBJ Engineering provides specialist engineering and administrative skills to bolster and leverage the skills of the Owner's staff. Our demonstrated ability to integrate smoothly into the Owner's project team ensures that a fully capable team is available to best manage the technical and administrative challenges of any project. We can provide support in any role from overall project management to specialist studies and design.

Comprehensive Engineering and Management Skills for System Development

Our engineers are specialists in planning and design studies, specification of conventional and power electronic transmission equipment and digital control and protection system tecnologies. Our expertise includes high voltage AC lines, conventional line comutated (LCC) and voltage sourced (VSC) HVDC converters, mechanically switched capactors, shunt reactors, synchronous condensteers and dynamic reactive power systems such as STATCOM, SVC, series compensation and shunt compensation. We have specialist skills and software for harmonic and filter calculations, electric and magnetic field calculations and ground electrode design. RBJ Engineering will help your team to determine and implement optimal transmission solutions or integrate renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy into existing grids.

Principle Vision of Our Company

RBJ Engineering Corporation is founded on the principles of hard work, dedication, and cooperation with our customers to achieve environmentally responsible and timely delivery of quality solutions to meet any transmission system need. Together we forge the future.


RBJ Engineering Corporation has extensive experience in all aspects of power systems studies and high voltage transmission system engineering in HVDC, EHVAC and Dynamic Reactive Compensation. We offer comprehensive engineering services in the following areas:

Transmission System Studies

Specifications and Bidding

Management and Administration

Testing and Commissioning

Specialized Software

Development of unique software solutions is a core competency of our business. This includes calculation tools for the analysis and design of ground electrodes, AC and DC filters, and harmonic current and voltage calculations from LCC, PWM VSC, and SVC converters.

Electrode Surface Potential Rise and Voltage Gradients

The electrode program calculates voltage profiles and voltage gradients in the conductive media around electrode sites. Earth and sea water near the electrode represented by a resistive matrix representing three dimensional volumes of uniform resistivity within a cylindrical shape around the electrode site. The program is capable of modelling land, sea and shore electrodes. Features include:

  • State of the art boundary element analysis
  • Sparse matrix methods allowing more than 14 million nodes
  • 2D and 3D Output Plotting
  • Non-symmetrical electrode shapes
  • Individually definable resistivity for each volume element

Direct calculations using analytical expressions are usually used for calculation of step potentials and current density at the electrode-soil boundary. However, such methods are not sufficient if the soil in the immediate area of the electrode is not uniform. In such case the soil structure near the electrode can be modelled in detail in using the program to establish the expected variation in step voltage or current density. The program has been extensively compared and benchmarked against exact analytical methods on simple symmetrical configurations.

Typical investigations involve determing the potential interference with other buried facilities.

The program has the capability to model very large soil structures, to distances in excess of 100km from the electrode site. The size of the model and level of detail would be selected based on the soil data and the objectives of the investigations.

Two-ring Ground Electrode with 30% Sub-electrode Outages

Ground Electrode Program

Electrode Dynamic Temperature Rise Program

This software is designed to predict dynamic temperature rise and cooling of ground electrodes due to specific DC current injections. This is accomplished by means of a 2D Fourier heat flow algorithm.

Harmonic Analysis Programs for AC & DC

Our software allows us to determine voltage and current harmonics from HVDC and industrial power electronic converters. This allows both design and verification of filter performance and ratings when the system harmonic impedance is known. Our capabilities include:

  • Calculation of system harmonic impedances under multiple operating conditions with mapping to a region in the RX-plane
  • Flexible modelling of any filter configuration
  • Consideration of filter component tolerances, environmental tolerances, and system frequency variations

AC Systems and Filter Configuration

AC Systems Representation Diagram

Electric and Magnetic Field Calculations

Our software solution provides the ability to analyze complex tower and conductor configurations, including AC and DC on the same tower or same right-of-way. Typical analyses are:

  • Conductor surface gradients on AC and DC conductors in the same tower
  • Static and Enhanced electric fields from DC lines
  • Ion current flow and ion current density near ground-level
  • Magnetic fields from DC lines or cables, with simultaneous consideration of the earth's magnetic field

DC Electric Field Lines for Two Bipole Configuration on Same Tower

Two Bipole Electric Field Lines Diagram

Company Profile

RBJ Engineering Corporation was established in 2008 as a high voltage transmission systems consulting and engineering firm dedicated to the goal of providing our clients with high quality solutions and services to best meet their needs. It was founded by Bruno Bisewski, Sreenivasa Rao Atmuri, and Jingxuan Hu who together have more than 70 years combined experience in the field of electrical engineering. RBJ Engineering Corporation has been committed to this goal since its inception.

Bruno J. Bisewski

Bruno's Image

Bruno Bisewski, President of RBJ Engineering Corporation, is a specialist with over 35 years of experience in all aspects of the electrical power transmission industry including project management, system studies, specification and design, calculation of electrical effects, design review, cost estimates, equipment testing and commissioning of EHV-AC and HVDC transmission systems.

Mr. Bisewski is known for his HVDC expertise. He has provided engineering services, including preparation and review of specifications, tender evaluation, system studies, design review, witnessing of equipment tests, and commissioning of HVDC converter equipment and system tests to a large number of HVDC transmission projects in USA, Canada, New Zealand, and China.

He is a registered professional engineer in Manitoba, State of Arizona, Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin (USA), and has authored/co-authored numerous technical papers.

Contact Information:

Bruno Bisewski
RBJ Engineering Corporation
203-1483 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB
Canada, R3T 2C6
Tel: 1-204-415-4852

Jingxuan Hu

Jingxuan's Image

Ms. Jingxuan (Joanne) Hu, received her Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering in 1995 (China) and her Masters degree in Computer and Electrical engineering in 2001 (Canada).

She has over 20 years of experience in high voltage technologies and power equipment, protection and digital relays, power system stability and electromagnetic transient (EMTP) studies; Subsynchronous resonance phenomena analysis and small signal stability studies; HVDC system control and modeling; Series and shunt compensations; Equipment design studies such as breaker TRV, line and transformer energization as well as live line maintenance; HVDC and FACTS specifications and bidding documents.HVDC system and FACT device Control & Protection system factory RTDS testing and commissioning.

She is specalized in power system modeling and simulation using electromagnetic transient program (PSCAD/EMTDC) and power system dynamic stability programs (PSS/E and PSLF).

Professional Association Membership:

Seminars and Courses:

Contact Information:

Jingxuan (Joanne) Hu
RBJ Engineering Corporation
203-1483 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3T 2C6
Tel: 1-204-415-4853

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RBJ Engineering Corporation
203-1483 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3T 2C6
Phone: (204) 415 4852

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